An Evolutionary Love Story – A Rap Song

| August 26, 2012

One of our artists Jawshewa El, a.k.a. Josh Laflin  shared his hip hop tune about the spiritual and intellectual reasons that Christians should stop denying evolution/ creation. :)

An Evolutionary Love Story

“An Evolutionary Love Story” – Joshua Laflin (aka Jahshewa El) 6/16/2012

verse 1.
You’ll probably hate me for this but I feel it’s important, to stop forcing a point that’s totally discordant/

You’ve created a divide that isn’t really even there, you’re driving the youth away and causing fear/

You force folks to make a choice that’s only hypothetical, and if they refuse you call them heretical/
6 days or 4 billion YA, does it really even matter? It does, and I’ll explain, but spare me the chatter/

Creation was a love story, a show of God manifest/

A poem from the Parent, God’s heart to man’s chest/

Yah was showing ancient humans he was boss, and laying down guidelines in a land without laws/
He also showed patriarchs that he was HE, even though Jesus called God a mother hen with wings/

Context is everything and everything’s in context, fail to see that and you begin to see false text/

Yah is the potter and the universe a cosmic clay, it’s an open-source system that changes day by day/

(What we have) It’s an evolutionary love story/

(The Word in our hearts) It’s been written in our DNA/
(What we are) Love letters written by His glory/

(The vastness of God) It’s been put on a global display/

verse 2.
Let me explain some things that I know won’t sit well, all creatures are related even to human cells/

We didn’t come from monkeys but a common ancestor, we’re all connected, from Africa to Manchester/

Dinos never lived with humans (no evidence!), but the huge birds that scared folks were pre-eminent/
It’s ok to think of the ancient stories as important parables, God’s truth revealed in lives and miracles/

The message is important and Christ’s truth is still real, but don’t deny science based on what you feel/

Don’t deny the children the chance to learn God’s world, a science education isn’t an evil plan unfurled/

Yah struck a match and we all coexist within him, he moves, breathes, and expands, filling to the brim/

Never changing, always deeper, always changing us, physically, spiritually, by nature and environment/
What’s more important is the Truth and embracing God’s other book, if you missed it, maybe you should take another look/

How much longer can we go on like this? How much longer can we worship ignorance?
How much longer?”

You can check out more of his music here.

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