The Grandeur of Evolution and the Grace of God

| January 5, 2014

dnaLearning about the grandeur of the theory of evolution, about its function and the long record of its development, the inter-connectivity of all Earthly life having descended from a common ancestor (we are all family), and of evolution on a macro cosmic scale ~ the evolution of stars and galaxies and the fact that we literally are made of stardust ~ enlarges God in my understanding.

He becomes more than just the “All Father” who created mankind from (star!)dust, He becomes the Artist behind all the beauty great and small in the universe. He becomes the architect who designed such intricate formations as sub-atomic particles, DNA strands, crystalline minerals, snow flakes, rainbows, planetary gravitational movement and galactic spiral arms. He becomes the visionary who could see 14 billion years into the future, and beyond, and guide it all with a loving ‘hand’. He becomes as large as this boundless universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies each containing hundreds of billions of stars encompassing distances too large to comprehend, and He also dwells within me.

No book alone could have exposed Him so thoroughly to me.

Reprinted by gracious permission of the eloquent author,  Rory McRandall


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