Theistic Evolution

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What is theistic evolution?  What is this site about?

Theistic evolution, also known as evolutionary creationism is the idea that evolution is a creative tool of God and is fully compatible with the Bible.  This idea is unsurprising to Christians from traditional denominations, but is shocking to people who have only been exposed to the newest Christian churches.    Often, people from American style fundamentalist churches have been told that evolution and related sciences are atheistic attempts to undermine the Bible and are scientifically questionable.  The latest anti-evolutionary Christian idea suggests that evolution is not an “intelligent design”, could not happen without God putting aside his laws of nature and that science can and should be geared towards detecting God.  Many folks have been taught that creation and evolution are opposing ideas.  Not surprisingly, evolutionary creationism is an idea that is also anathema to very evangelistic anti-theists, who often oppose Christianity on the grounds that Christianity and all theistic beliefs are unscientific.

Yet, the vast majority of scientists who are Christians agree with their colleagues who are not.  They accept evolution and do not see a need for conflict between evolution and Christianity.  Likewise, as you can see from our article on the mainstream denominations view of science, the majority of Christians belong to denominations that accept evolution.  If you add to that number, the denominations that have come to the conclusion that theistic evolution is amongst the several biblically correct views on origins that can be held by Christians, most of us are in a church that accepts evolution.

We affirm that evolution is the view of creation that best fits with the meaning and intent of scripture.  We affirm that the theory of evolution is extremely well supported and evidentiary.  It is at least as well supported and predictive as atomic theory  and germ theory.  It’s good science.  It’s harmonious with scripture.  We intend to explore the details that arise from these statements.

We invite you to explore the Bible, science, logic and theology with us.  There is a movement out there that asks you to “question Darwin.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Question Darwin.  Question God.   Question your pastor.  Convince yourself that the theory of evolution is real.  Convince yourself that the Bible is “God breathed.”  Convince yourself that science works and learn how it works.  Convince yourself that creation is far more amazing than you imagined.  Convince yourself that God is bigger than you knew.  We are here to stand in awe alongside you.

Christ’s Peace


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