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Biologos – “BioLogos is a community of evangelical Christians committed to exploring and celebrating the compatibility of evolutionary creation and biblical faith, guided by the truth that “all things hold together in Christ.” [Col 1:17]”

An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution –  This excellent blog is now an archive.

The American Scientific Affiliation –   “A Network of Christians in the sciences.”  This is the organization of American Christians working in the scientists.  The majority of these scientists are evangelicals, but there are member from many denominations.  Soon after the publication of Henry Morris’ book The Genesis Flood, brought “flood geology” out of the fringes of Christianity and began the modern creationist movement, members of the ASA began noticing the scientific and biblical problems with the movement.  These folks have an immense library of resources on the subject of evolution.

The Clergy Letter ProjectPastors and others seeking to share an appreciation for Gods’ evolutionary creation.

Facebook Pages

Celebrating Evolving CreationA Facebook sister page to this site.

The Institute for Christians in Science and Technology

Test of FaithA film and study series involving many of todays most illustrious Christians who are scientists and theologians.

The Affiliation of Christian Geologists – Are you interested in what it is that the rocks cry out?

Books – We also have a listing of some recommended books. It’s here.