About Us

A new and evolving creation.

In 2009, I started a facebook group to celebrate evolving creation, entitled “Celebrating Creation through Natural Selection.”   It was originally intended to celebrate creation, particularly evolving biology and to offer theological and scientific refuge to evangelical Christians and others who had been taught that evolution and biblical creation were opposed.  It included my views, connections to information on Christian theology and history and science, quotations from Christians throughout history who did not accept essential elements of today’s anti-evolutionary movement and affirmations.

Over time the group has grown and now includes many scientists, Christians from the many denominations that have never had a problem with evolution, as well as those from anti-evolutionary backgrounds, theologians, members of other faiths and any who are curious about the intersections of science and faith.  There is a lively and ongoing discussion about matters of science and theology.  The group has served to foster dialogue with respect, but at times can be overwhelming and the most frequent posters can seem to drown out meaningful questions and moderate voices.

This site will continue much of what is happening in “Celebrating Creation through Natural Selection” and will be different.  This site is meant to specifically address theology and science surrounding evolution from a Christian perspective and to celebrate evolution as a tool of the biblical God.  We are just starting and welcome you to join us as this project grows.  There will be a section to share your thoughts and questions, but it will be limited to those posts that fit with an understanding that evolution is well-supported science and the creators’ tool.

We hope to offer a Sunday  school curriculum on creation.  We intend to have posts of interesting evolutionary biology and other science.  We hope to feature artistic, creative works on Christian spirituality and science and reviews of recent work.  We’ll share info from  other sites.  I’d like to run a regular series of articles to encourage clear and rigorous thinking in all matters.  We’d like to have a section of articles addressing various concerns with evolution and the Bible.  It’s important to have as many voices speaking truth with love as possible.  Like the Celebrating Creation through Natural Selection facebook group, this can serve as a gateway for those who desire to explore the harmony of science and faith.

Eventually, Christian fads such as the anti-evolutionary movement and various culture wars fade into history.  Perhaps, we can also help grow a deeper, more joyful, more thoughtful and better informed group of Christians from all churches as well as ameliorating some of the harm that these popular misunderstandings do.

-David Evarts