The Cosmic Drama

| June 17, 2012

The drama of the Universe has revealed in the delicately weaved twine, held between the careful and delicate fingertips of elegant laws, the fine beauty which constitutes the rich and subtle fabric, the finesse of which is necessary for the thriving and genesis of life.

Our experience has revealed suffering, and our observation of the tapestries has taught from the pulpit of their silk a message and a teaching; that suffering perpetuates life, and presses it forward with novel adaptation into an ever unfolding mystery.

Such plays forth the drama, like a strange music, out of the depths of the twitching fields of the Quantosmos; whose high, and noble notes reverberate into the continuously expanding Cosmos: A sweet and gentle melancholy, punctuated by grief, and testified by triumph. Where the Angel’s voice can be heard in the equations, and the Cherubim jealously guard the helix spun Tree of Life as it rests gently in the depths of our multicellular Eden, planted in verdance, whose seed was drawn from the dust of ancient stars.

By the witness of Nature, we behold the Logos made manifest; Word become Flesh; and we behold as the drama continues with the story of a curious species of children, Man, who are now not merely observers, but actors, in the divine comedy, and in the daily tragedy, mingled afresh every day, as the twilight and sunrise, cast themselves forth into the break of noon, and sleep beneath the soothing quiet of Luna in her phases, from full to crescent, exhibiting her ballet.

Then comes the Logos, born a babe, the climax of human history, the symbol of universal purpose, and hypostasis of the living God.

Divine Comedy set foot upon soil, and partook of the tragedy, and inferno; and he too tasted the human fate, and proved by Resurrection the hope of it All, and the proof of All’s worth: The drama of the Universe displayed in full reveal, now come to a point in the final act, and made true the hypothesis that The End, ends not with the close of a curtain, but the tearing of a veil. Telling of that truth, whereby suffering life is perpetuated unto glory; inheriting to us a moral, profoundly uttered in the final words of that great Thespian, whose part now played, makes the Heaven’s hush, and the Earth still before the quiet gaze of godly saints.

“It is finished.”

By, Matthew Lewis.


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I am Matthew Lewis, I have an interest in poetry, and philosophy; and in all manner of things beautiful, profound, and lovely. Beauty and elegance are virtues worthy of all art.

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